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About the Pond

Ball Pond is an 83 acre body of water that is fed by underground streams running down the surrounding hills and surface runoff. It was formed by the retreat of the glaciers at the end or the last ice age 10,000 years ago. Ball Creek runs out of Ball Pond to Candlewood Lake. This keeps the water level from rising about the creek level.  The lake has a maximum depth of 51 feet and a mean depth of 24 feet.

A state-owned boat launch is located at the southern end of the lake. 

Boats with motors are prohibited -- no electric motors either.

Ball Pond can be accessed by the public from the Hahlawah Wildlife Refuge at the northeast corner of the pond. There is also a public beach on Ball Pond Road, but there is no nearby parking.

The private beach below Town Beach is only available to Ball Pond Estate residents.

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